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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day Care

Today my A took me to Day care. Yeah I go to Doggie Daycare. Some people make fun of my A for taking but I have a ton of fun and run around all day. When I come home I am so tired there is no way I have enough energy to get in trouble.
It also keeps me in shape. The people at day care are really nice and know lots about dogs. They notice all kinds of things and let my people know if I seem like I don't feel good or am acting weird.
I htink my people send me partly because they don't trust themselves to notice if there is something wrong with me. They like having other people see me and look out for me.
Sometimes at day care we do arts and crafts so far I have made a keychain for my A, a nice lace heart and a flower pot picture for my R. The day care people help me out a lot with these projects. Sometimes I think my people think the projects are silly but they still have all the stuff I have made them.
I also got an award this summer for doing so good in beginner swimming. Really I am an advanced swimmer but this was my 1st year so I was in with the beginners.
Mostly at Daycare I just run around and play with my pal Scoober and Fenway. There are lots of other cool dogs there but those are my best pals. Sometimes I do my Mac impression. Mac is a Portugues waters dog but he looks just like me. I walk around and pretend I am Mac. I use my best pure breed walk and look all refined. It cracks up all the other dogs. Even Mac laughs he is not like those show dogs who think I am a mutt. Really both my Mom and Dad were champions just because they were not the same breed does not make me anything less. You don't hear people picking on tiger woods do you. That's right
I have to go bark at something.


At December 1, 2006 at 1:24:00 AM EST , Blogger BenSpark said...

Oliver suggested he get his own blog, but I think he doesn't have enough time int he day. What with all the sleeping and prison breaks. no time for cat blogging.


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