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Monday, December 4, 2006

Come on

It has come to my attention that some of you think my grammer and spelling leave a little bit to be desired. Well I would totally agree with you on that but I English is not my first language. I speak dog. Woof bark bark wooof.
Got that. I have to think everything through and translate it so you people can read it.
I don't mind but please don't pick on my grammar or spelling I try hard and hopefully I will get better.
I also generally write what comes to mind so at times I will skip from topic to topic. I happens I have a short attention span. Man squirrels are stupid they spend all that time collecting nuts and when winter comes they can never find them. Come on guys you should team up and build a giant nut silo, your nuts keep better.
I played with Joey at lunch today it was really cold out but A still took me. I told Joey about the seat belt and he thinks I should tell A. He also asked me how it tasted and I said it was ok but certainly not worth $280. I could get a heck of a lot of bones for that or maybe even a steak.
Do you think Santa knows I chewed the seat belt and let the squirrels take the blame. I don't really feel bad about the squirrels taking the blame. I gave them the nut silo idea free that it worth way more than seat belt blame. I hope Santa does not like squirrels. Anyway I bet he knows I was bad. I am going to get coal for sure.


At December 5, 2006 at 8:28:00 AM EST , Blogger BenSpark said...


It is tough being in the public eye and being critcized for any mistakes you may make. That is okay, just power through it.


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