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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Man it is Hot

Man it is hot. Really, Really hot outside and inside too. My house used to have central AC and it was so nice. Unfortunately my A decided that as he was redoing the basement he would disconnect the AC to power the new sub-panel. This was a great idea in March however in August I would have to strongly disagree.

My A did try to reconnect the AC but it appears that the thermostat cable has been possibly chewed through. What is up with that.? I used to defend the mice that live in my attic saying “Oh they are cool and don’t hurt anyone and they are way less stuck up than those darn squirrels” This is the last straw however. A get out the traps! Really I let those guys live up there for free and how do they thank me. They disable my AC. Never once did I ask they to pay rent. Man that would have been a smart idea. Anyone want to rent out an attic? Any cats perhaps?

Do mice like really hot weather? I would think they would want it cool, they heave fur coats just like I do and believe me I am hot today and a little bit cranky. (thanks for asking). Maybe the noise bothered them it was a little loud but I would rather have it loud and cold than silent and sweltering. It is pretty quiet here maybe my ears melted off? Can someone please check if my ears melted off. Oh my god ! I am deaf! not good! not good! How am I going to know when to bark at people walking by. Hey maybe if I bark I will hear it and know my ears have not melted off. “Bark” ok I heard it but wait did I really hear it or do I just know what to expect.

Hmm I better call 911, wait how do I use the phone if I can’t hear? This is terrible. Ok the refrigerator compressor just turned on and I heard it whew. It’s a miracle, Hold for a second I need to give the refrigerator a hug.

I hope my A gets home soon and fixes that AC that was really scary. Darnn mice. They are done, no more Mr. Nice Stephen. I will catch them myself if I have to, now how to I get up into the Attic?


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