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Friday, August 3, 2007


As some of you may know my A and R have been working on finishing our basement. It is going to be really cool when it is done. I can hardly wait. Unfortunately I don’t have any furniture.

I was looking today for furniture and found this great
furniture store
Gallery Furniture is awesome. They have a ton of stuff and you can find almost anything you are looking for. I really like the chair pictured above, as soon as I find my A’s Amex I am going to order it.

I like the recliner because as a dog I need a nice deep chair to get really comfortable. The color should also go nicely with my coat. This chair looks so soft I bet I could sleep for hours on it. Hopefully I will be able to sleep through that annoying Dr. Phil my R likes to watch.

Located in Houston, Galley Furniture is one of the best known names in
Houston Furniture

I am so excited for my new chair I can not wait to sit in it and throw my feet up. We dogs are all about comfort. If you have any question about furniture either give me a call or check out Gallery furniture. I know a heck of a lot about comfort but these guys might even know more. I am also color blind so you might not want my advice.

Gallery Furniture gets a Stephen rating of 8


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