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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dog Shampoo

Does your dog stink? Personally I don’t stink but some of my friends do. Being a dog it is often hard to stay clean and fresh. We spend so much of our time running around and getting dirty and we don’t take baths daily. Even when we do take baths it is not uncommon to take a bath one day and be back to stinky the next day.

A lot of the dog shampoo’s on the market will leave your stink dry and flakey. Unfortunately a lot of the dog shampoo companies just don’t care about our skin and when was the last time you heard of a person using dog shampoo? They figure dogs are not the ones buying their product so lets just get a product out there that will clean the hair. It is sad but the dog voice is under represented even in the products used for dogs. All the marketing is aimed at people and not dogs. I think this is because dogs are not allowed in most stores so they try and get our people to think these products are great but do they ever ask a dog nope!

Well let me tell you
Dogosuds all natural shampoo is awesome. It leaves my hair silky and smooth and I smell springtime fresh for weeks on end. If this is not enough of a reason to love Dogosuds wait there is more. Dogosuds does not dry out my skin and it leaves me with that new dog smell we all love. Everyone loves getting into a new car and sucking in the new car smell, the new dog smell Dogosuds gives me is just as awesome. In fact after I take a bath I can barely take a walk because I keep having to stop and let all the people I meet sniff me. Usually it is the other way around but for the 1st couple of days after my Dogosuds bath people just can not resist that new dog smell.

Dogosuds also repels fleas, can remove skunk smell and much more more. This is a great product take it from me Stephen TheDog try Dogosuds you will not regret it. In fact I believe in this product so much I am currently in negotiations to become an official Dogosuds dog


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