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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yuck a letter to Star market

Stephen the Dog
woof Bark LN
Barkington bark bark 10025

September 18, 2007
Seafood Manager
Star Market
Main St Barkington bark bark 10025

Re: Sept 12th Seafood purchase.

Dear Sir,
On 9/12/07 My A bought 1.5 lbs of fresh Coho Salmon from your store, along with several other items. I am not sure exactly how many items but I know he went through the express line so it had to be less than 10. He takes the express line very seriously unlike some other people.
Anyway when he got home the salmon was place in the refrigerator along with the other items. At approximately 7pm we opened a half gallon of organic milk which was purchased during this trip and found it to be curdled. Obviously this was frustrating but it does happen and the milk was returned the next evening at around 6pm.
After returning the milk my A returned home and began cooking dinner. We were having fresh salmon with a crab and blue cheese stuffing, fresh bread, asparagus and home made crème brulet for desert. Or so we thought. I guess in all truthfulness my A and R were having the dinner listed above and I was having kibble. Yes I it is not fair they always shaft the dog.
Anyway my A had everything cooking and was just getting ready to stuff the salmon and throw it on the grill. When I heard and expletive come from him mouth that I will not repeat. It seems he had opened up the salmon which had been in the fridge for less than 24 hours and it smelled awful, additionally the center of the fillet was the consistency of apple sauce. This is not good. Salmon is supposed to be firm and should turn flakey when cooked as you well know also it should not smell. For once in my life I was happy to be having kibble.
We had to stop dinner, and take the salmon back to the store. This being the second trip to return product from the 9/12/07 shopping trip we were none to happy. It would seem that about 20% of the products purchased on this trip were bad. My A did ask to speak to a manager when he was there and spoke to a woman who told him she did not eat seafood so did not know what it should look like. Anyway I digress. The bad milk and multiple trips to return spoiled food just add to the frustration of having a dinner ruined.
My concern is that the salmon that was purchased was obviously bad before it left the store. My A never noticed it because he never touched it nor was he able to look at it closely. It was wrapped up behind the counter and handed to him in a sealed plastic bag. However one of your seafood employees would have had to have picked it up, weighed it and wrapped it up. The problem should have been noticed during this process and this fish should have never been sold. I also would assume that the display case is checked from time to time to ensure that there is no spoiled food sitting out on display.

I don’t understand how this could have happened this situation is not only frustrating on my part but potentially dangerous had my family eaten that fish.
I am willing to bet that this is the first letter you have received from a dog. I am sure it is a little weird and maybe funny. However I assure you the situation is not funny at all. My family has previously had only good experiences with the seafood dept. However this one incident has shaken our faith in your store and your dept.
I would really love to give Star Market and the seafood department another chance but I don’t feel comfortable without some kind of assurance from you that this will not happen again.
Currently I don’t feel comfortable buying seafood at you store nor am I comfortable not informing my neighbors of this experience.

Yours sincerely

Stephen The Dog
Cc: My A


At September 18, 2007 at 3:35:00 PM EST , Blogger Christine said...

Eeeeuw, that is gross! I completely understand your A & R's frustration over this. I've pretty much given up buying ANY seafood at ANY supermarket, ever since I got a bag of mussels from Market Basket that turned out to be mostly dead.

I wouldn't shop in that store again, given the bad salmon AND the curdled milk. Yuck!

At September 18, 2007 at 8:49:00 PM EST , Blogger BenSpark said...

That sounded disgusting, glad I read about it rather than heard about it this past weekend, that would have spoiled the delicious meal that we had with your A & R for sure.


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