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Friday, October 5, 2007

Shaw's Seafood Saga

So Shaw’s wrote me back about the putrid fish then immediately recalled the message and I have not heard from them in a couple of weeks. Looks like my A will not be shopping there anytime soon.

Below is my email response to Mr. Mootos. I was probably a little mean but my head hurts and I am tired. However really if you can’t please a dog you have problems all we really want is a little love and to be feed a couple times a day.

Dear Mr Mootos,

I would like to thank you for your response however since you have recalled it I can not. I would have assumed after you recalled your message I would be getting a new response from you. To date I have not and this does not make me happy.

To me the issue is simple Shaw's sold me a piece of rotten fish. This should never happen, yes you have refunded my money but my confidence in your store has been shaken. I am assuming based on your current lack of response you don't want me as a customer. Why is that?

Really what I am looking for is a simple applogy and an assurance that steps have been taken to prevent this from happening again. I am the consumer here my job is to your buy products. Your job in case you have forgotten is to provide me with the opportunity to purchase quality products. When you sell me bad fish you are failing in your responsibility.

Yes I do understand that from time to time bad product might slip through. However we are talking about fish here, someone has to pick up the fish and weight it before I can buy it. That person should have noticed the issue and not sold me the fish. Do you train your seafood counter people or can just anyone work behind the seafood counter.

Mr. Mootos I am really not looking for much. We at Shaw’s are sorry and this will not happen again would be sufficient. Even if it is just lip service I can live with that. I am giving you an opportunity to retain a customer here it is you choice whether or not to take it.

I look forward to your response



At October 15, 2007 at 9:42:00 PM EST , Blogger Nicole said...

Shaw's stinks; they sell rotten veggies too.

I'm sorry you had rotten fish, though my dog, Stanley, prefers it that way so he can roll in it. He's very stinky!



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