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Friday, April 3, 2009

Financial Friday #13

Financial Friday #13

The drop I was predicting came on Monday. I got in early and shorted BAC at the opening. I shorted 500 shares at $6.60 I decided to cover my short right before the closing bell on Monday. It kind of scares me to hold a short position overnight if I don’t have to. I was able to cover at $6.05 and sleep soundly after making $275 for Monday

Current balance $5025

On Tuesday I was looking around for something to invest in and stumbled upon ZLC. Zale Corp sells jewelry and as we all know nothing is market up more than jewelry. I saw a little bit of a bump on Tuesday and ZLC has been climbing a little in the past it looked due for a break out and it was really cheap. I bought 2450 shares at $2.04 knowing the odds of it going down were slim. We had solid support at $2 and the market was moving up. Cheap stocks move big as the market moved. I closed out at $4.10


I am super excited in two trades this week I was able to double my money. I am sure somewhere Glenn Noland is looking down and smiling.

Current balance $10,070

Disclaimer: I am a dog. I am not responsible for any investment decisions you make. Come on if you are reading a dog’s ODD to get ideas for you portfolio you have issues. I do not recommend using any of the information to make any investment decisions. Basically I am not responsible for your money. Do what you want but I have no responsibility here. Come on I am a dog. I don’t think you can even sue a dog. The information provided on this site is not financial advice and I am not a financial professional. This is a journal that details my investments, strategy, and analysis for personal use. Feel free to read at your own risk


At April 24, 2009 at 1:37:00 PM EST , Anonymous Dogasaur said...

Hi Stephen,
What a smart dog you are! If you ever need a short break from the world of finance, you are more than welcome to come play on our new site!

And you can bring your owner too

Hope to see you there


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