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Friday, January 5, 2007

Slow Day

Today was pretty slow. My A had to go to Springfield for work so I did not get to take a walk at lunch. He has been pretty busy lately so I have not see Joey in a while. Today when My A got home we took a little walk and got I got to play with Joey. I love to play with Joey I am working up a counter to his head butt move. I think I almost have it figure out maybe if I see Fenway tomorrow I will try it out on him. When I was at Joey’s My A even played a little hockey with Joey’s K and R. He is getting pretty good at hockey too bad he can’t skate at all. I ride a unicycle better than my A skates. Playing with Joey definitely made up for sitting around all day.

Joey’s R pointed out that he did not receive a Stephen award. He is right he did not receive a Stephen award. He was very close but so many people in Joey’s family got awards that I did not want to show any favoritism. Don’t worry Joey’s R you are currently a front runner for a 2007 Stephen award. Perhaps you could build a pool for Joey and I to swim in that would be worth big points. A nice gunite in ground with a slide. Remember don’t get a vinyl liner because we can tear it with our claws. You don’t need to make it too deep either 5ft should suffice. We need to be able to jump off the sides but we don’t really need to be able to swim around underwater much. Remember we are don’t we don’t really enjoy diving underwater. I think building a pool would almost guarantee you a Stephen award.

Well that’s it for today I have big plans for tomorrow but you will need to wait till tomorrow to find out about them.

FYI check out today’s picture, in case you need help finding me I am the black dog sitting perfectly at attention. Take that Conner you punk!!!


At January 7, 2007 at 8:21:00 AM EST , Blogger BenSpark said...

Stephen, you are a good sitter.


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