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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Season Pass, Check

8 Days to go.

So today I was thinking my A snowboards a lot and usually when he goes I get left at home. I don’t like staying home so I started to think about why. I think it is because I don’t have a season pass anywhere and both he and my R do. Well today I fixed that. I was able to take my A’s season pass and create my own from it. Now next time he goes snowboarding I will be able to go with him.

Ok it is wrong to counterfeit a season pass however it is an American Ski Company pass. They are evil, really I mean it they are definitely evil. How can you charge $7 for a cheeseburger? I mean really $7 come on, or how about the $3.50 for a 16oz Gatorade. I might expect those prices at McMurdo station but not in Maine or NH. There are roads to those places so it is not like they have to fly supplies in. It is not really even hard to get to these mountains you should see some of the car the snowboard punks drive. They look like they are held together with bumper stickers. Really ASC is just ripping people off because they can. If they think they can get $7 for a cheeseburger imagine what they would charge to a bowl of kibble.

Lift tickets are ridiculous also $67/day for Sunday river come on, that is more expensive that Whistler Blackcomb. If the mountains were equivalent it would be ok but that is like comparing your high school cafeteria lady to Gilbert Pepin of Restaurant 902 Main.

Really with all this price gouging they must have an awesome business plan to be able to lose an average of $200,000,000/year. Maybe not trying to bleed their customers dry might be a better business model. What do I know though I am just a dog.

It is weird that ASC sets their price the way they do and they has the allforone pass Which is actually a really good deal if you ski a lot.

So anyway I am pretty sure Santa is not going to hold this one against me. Now I can’t wait for it to snow.


At December 17, 2006 at 8:37:00 PM EST , Blogger BenSpark said...

Skiing and snowboarding is pricing me out of the sport every year. I feel your pain Stephen. You should put up a PayPal donation button to see if anyone helps you with your debt to A.


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