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Sunday, December 24, 2006



Today was a pretty good day. I got to take a nice long walked an played with Both Joey and Clyde. I got to play with Joey for a long time because my A was playing hockey with Joey’s K and R. I can’t wait till my A starts teaching them how to check.

After my walk some Jehovah’s Witnesses showed up. My A always asks me how come I never bark at the witnesses. Well witnesses are men of god and I don’t want to upset god. Now I am not saying the Jehovah’s witnesses are right but, I am not taking any changes. I also like to watch them talk to my A. My A is way to polite to tell them to go away so he talks to them to be nice.

I think it is funny because my A tries to get them off their game. I just sit there and watch while they try to define things like time. If god is all power and omnipresent how come it took him 6 days to create heaven and earth? If god is all knowing how can time even exist since with out predestination how can god know the future?

If we know the universe is ever expanding does that mean, since god is everywhere he is expanding also. Maybe god just had to many Christmas milk bones like me. Seriously if god is expanding what is he expanding into?

I witnesses I think the lead guys name is Martin try to answer this stuff but usually then saying “That is a good question can we come back when we get an answer”


At December 24, 2006 at 11:00:00 PM EST , Blogger BenSpark said...

Stephen, your A can be downright hilarious sometimes and devious at the same time. I gave your blog a shout out in one of my PPP posts. It is an audio shout out. Tell A not to skip that one.

At December 24, 2006 at 11:01:00 PM EST , Blogger BenSpark said...

Oh yeah and have a Merry Christmas! Tell your A and R too.


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