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Monday, February 5, 2007


Man it’s cold out there.

My A came home at lunch time today. It was really windy and cold out so he did not want to take me for a walk. I told him I wanted to go play with Joey and to see if Fenway was home. I have not seen those guys in a while. My A said that he had driven by Joey’s house and that Joey was not outside and that it was way too cold to walk to Fenway’s house. My A though Fenway would probably be inside since it was so cold outside.

I told my A that Fenway would be out and that I really wanted to take a walk and go check. I even went over and got a pair of gloves for my A. Anyway my A put on my leash and the gloves and we walked outside. Man it was cold out there. I think my tongue froze. When you are inside looking out a window it does not seem very cold. My A walked over to the truck open the passenger door and threw me in. We drove down to Fenway’s house and he was not out. We drove past Clyde’s and Joey’s no one was out probably because it was so cold. We drove around the neighborhood for a while and finally came back home.

My A is pretty smart it really was way to cold out there and he was right Fenway was not even outside.


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