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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


My A’s bother is going to Italy next week. N does not really do a lot of traveling but I am going to sign him up for an International travel phone cards Hopefully he will not need it but we will at least have the peace of mind of knowing he can contract us if he needs to.

Pingo is cool because it gives us the option of buying a calling card that will work internationally. Unless you travel internationally a lot you probably don’t really have a good idea how expensive the calls are. Believe me they are expensive I once called my pen pal Chucie in Argentina and my A was none to happy with the bill. I lost phone lost couch privileges for a week. I don’t actually have phone privileges which I think made it worse.

The Pingo card allows you to pay up front and not worry about if you have the money to make the call or how much your hotel is going to tack on to you bill for the call. Next to the Mini bar the hotel phone is one of the biggest travel rip offs out there. How do they explain charging $1.50 for a local call? Sounds like Hilton is gonna need a letter from Stephen.

Hopefully N will have a great time in Italy but it is nice to know that if he runs into a problem he will have his Pingo card to call us and let us know what is going on. Does anyone know if your one phone call from Jail can be an international call? With a Pingo card it does not matter. Man that is peace of mind.

Pingo it’s the way to go!


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