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Friday, March 2, 2007

Stephen Room

Wow it has been way to long. I have been super busy but I am always super busy so that is no excuse. I guess the best way to say it is that unless you are a dog you can’t begin to fathom the demands on our time. There is eating, walking and the barking. We have to put in a good 2 hours a day of barking practice to keep current with it. It is a lot of work and after all that we still have to work in time to chew things we are not supposed to chew. Personally I like Kleenex they are great to shred and if you do a good job you can make it look like snow.
Lately I have been helping my A and R do some work on the basement. We are finishing the basement to turn it into a Stephen room. I am going to have a 52” TV, a pool table, a nice spot for my bowl and a quiet corner for my dog bed. It is going to rock I can’t wait till they finish my room.
We have most of the framing done. I have been really helpful with the framing. I am awesome at moving the 2x4’s around. I also like to eat the little scrap 2x4 pieces they are pretty tasty and who wants a bunch of scrap 2x4’s lying around. The only framing left is the wall where my TV is going to sit. I am still working with my A to figure out the height and size. I want it a little lower so it is at optimum viewing angle from my dog bed but A says it should be it at optimum viewing level for sitting on the couch. We will work it out but I really think it is my room and he should just do like I tell him.
Last Friday we did a lot of the electrical work. That stuff is so cool and I am really good at it. I made sure my A put in enough speed loops. For those of you who don’t know it is very important to put in speed loops in your wiring. They prevent surges. Basically what you do is before you get to an outlet you create kind of a U with the wire. This forces the current to climb uphill to come out of the outlet. The U allows the current to pool in the bottom of the U when the power is off. This not only prevents current drip, but also since when you turn the power on you are driving it uphill and pushing a standing pool of electricity you get an immediate solid steam of power and not some kind of trickle or surge stream.
I can’t emphasis it enough SPEED LOOPS ARE IMPORTANT don’t over look them.

I will keep you updated as the work progresses in the weeks to come. Perhaps next time I will describe the theory behind a 3-way switch. Or maybe we will talk about heated sub-floors. I am really pushing my A to put in a heated sub-floor. I will be so nice to be able to lie on a nice warm floor.

I can’t wait till my room is done and I can have all my pals over for a party. Joey, Fenway, Clyde, Bailey, Scoober, MAC, Kaizer, Sadie, Sandi, etc make sure you guys are around in June.

Joey you are in charge or paper bowls
Clyde you can bring the bones
Fenway you are on sticks

The rest we will figure out later.

I am on vacation for the next week so I probably will not have a chance to post an update.


At March 8, 2007 at 4:24:00 PM EST , Blogger Sparky said...

Stephen -

You've been tagged. See my blog.

Also, where is the link to my new site???????



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