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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Give him a chance

My A went for a job interview in RI last week. The interview went really well and the job was pretty cool too. They finally got back to him the other day. Unfortunately they told him he was fully qualified and they really liked him but he did not have enough management/leadership experience.
What the heck is that my A can lead. He was Captain of the football and Tennis teams in High School, he was a patrol leader in Boy scouts. He leads all the time. I am a dog and Dogs we know leaders. Our whole social structure is based on leadership. I am the Alpha dog of my neighborhood which basically means I lead the neighborhood. However my A is my leader. I look up to the guy and try to make him happy. He just exudes leadership
I have no idea why they turned him down. Really management is something you learn on the job. No one is a great manager day one but you have to take a chance and let people learn those skills. My A could totally do that if they liked him, they should have hired him he would have worked him butt of to be successful because that is what he does.
I know from experience my A makes me work so hard at agility he is constantly striving to make me a better dog. Hopefully I am living up to his expectations although sometimes I think he sets the bar a little high. I am never going to be able to walk 20 miles in perfect heel position however I might learn how to play fetch.

It too bad because I am pretty sure my A would have taken the job. I think it was a pretty good opportunity. Oh well I guess he will just go back to his current job. On the plus side he can still come home to walk me at lunch. Maybe Joey’s people will be out tomorrow and we can play some hockey


At February 22, 2007 at 4:01:00 PM EST , Blogger BenSpark said...

We are sorry to hear about A not getting the job. A is a leader, I remember him as a leader on the football field, no one gave more than A.

BTW Stephen, you are going to have to learn to proofread when you start writing for PayPerPost. You might want to recheck your previous posts and correct them for any errors. Spelling and grammar mistakes can hurt you in the long run at PPP. I know you are a dog


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