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Thursday, April 5, 2007

I won woo Hoo 500,000 Euros

Wow I just won 500,000 Euros. This is awesome Stupendeous in fact. All I have to do it claim it in person or use the Attorney Tony Smit to do it for me. Since United Airlines has yet to reply to my email I don’t think I want to fly to the Netherlands. I am still a little freaked out about expedited boarding so I am going to go with Tony Smit.
Tony Smit must be a great attorney. I checked out his website and it lists all kinds of different consultants you can hire. He is so good he does not even need a phone number or address just an email. Wow he must be good to only need an email address. I think Tony is definitely the right choice. I wonder if he is going to need to know my account numbers to transfer the funds. I hope they can do a wire transfer. Those are so much more convenient.
A huge novelty check would be cool but since I am not going in person it might be tough to get. I don’t want the postman destroying my mailbox trying to shove a 3ftx4ft cardboard check in there. Do they even have envelops that fit those checks? How do you get them into the deposit slot of the ATM? I bet you have to fold them a bunch of times. Remember you can only fold a piece of paper in half 8 times. I wonder if that would make it small enough.

I am so excited, I am going to buy some new bones after I pay my A back for the Seatbelt incident of course.

I am going to send Tony and email today to get the ball rolling. Wow 20 mins ago I was just a dog now I am a dog with a lawyer who is going to be get 500,000 Euros. My A is going to be so proud. Hey does anyone know how much a Euro is worth?
Glo Loterij
Laan van Hoornwijck
552289 DG Rijswijk, Netherlands.
Ref.: 0011G752-07
Batch: 11E966W07
Dear Winner,
This is to inform you of your winning in our special Lottery held on March 2007. You are formally approved to receive 500 Thousand Euros as prize. No tickets were sold for this, therefore Winners were randomly chosen by an automated system, drawn from 300 thousand company and individual e-mail addresses global.
You are warned to keep your winning information safely until you have your funds claimed. This is to curb double claiming and undue abuses of this promotional program by unscrupulous individuals.
You are to either;
1. Claim it in person. Or
2. Use service of the below attorney we recommend if you cannot travel due to personal reasons.
Tony Smit Please, to avoid delays or complications, remember to quote your Reference and Batch numbers to the attorney. And also be informed that all winnings must be claimed within THREE weeks from the date of this Notice. All unclaimed prizes will be null and void.Congratulations once more from our staff members and thank you for being part of our promotional lottery program.
Note: Under 18yrs is automatically disqualified.
Best wishes,
Mr. Johan Peters


At April 6, 2007 at 6:21:00 AM EST , Blogger BenSpark said...

Stephen, You have all the luck. Are you even old enough to qualify for the contest?


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