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Monday, May 7, 2007

Bid for Prizes

Remember Ebay and of those great online Bidding sites. While now there is a new one. However this one is way cooler. The concept behind this site is radically different than other sites where you bid on prizes. In this case you want to have the lowest bid out there instead of the highest bid. It is kind of like golf in that way. The lowest score wins.

You get 20 chance to bid each day and one you bid you get an email telling you if you bid is unique or not and if someone has already bid lower than you. If your bid duplicates someone else your bid is no good and you need to try again,
I bid on the Flatscreen Viewsonic Monitor man that thing is going to look sweet in my house as soon as my A gets power out there. You can even bid on an iPhone I don’t know what an Iphone is right now but it looks cool and I am sure I want one. I am going to bit $.57.

I give
bid4prizes a Stephen rating of 6


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