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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


All of us who have been using computers for a while know the importance of a good zip program. One of the originals was PKZIP. Yes I was not around then so I don’t remember the original PKZIP but I have used many programs like it.

It used to be that you did not have to worry too much about data security. Today it is a different world you, have to watch out all the time. Now there is a secure zip program out there from PKWare. This is great now you can zip up your files and know they are secure when you send them. Do you really want to trust your email program to secure you files. Um no thanks Mr. Gates I am not about to trust you with my file security. I have a ton of files I want to keep secure. Think about it you probably have some stuff you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. Well I am a dog with some big ideas I have to be super careful.

ZIP is a great utility. Right now you can download it for free. This is not even one of those demo licenses it is a full single user license. I downloaded it and the process was super easy. Even a cave man can do it.

Do yourself a favor if you are worried about file security download Secure Zip from

I give it a Stephen rating of 8


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