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Monday, April 23, 2007


I was thinking today that some of you probably don’t know how to get to my house for SB^3. So to rectify this I have created a set of directions. I will can email them out to you as you RSVP (I still don’t know the date of SB^3) or you can just copy them from below. I will give you them to you starting from the airport. We all know how to get to the airport right. If not just look up and follow the planes.

Start out heading Growl
Merge on to Woof
Woof becomes Bark Bark
Take a grrr onto Woof Bark
Follow Woof Bark for .bark miles
Take a slight right onto rrrrrrrr
At the bow wow take a roof
I am the roof roof on the bark

Hope that helps.

It is really not that hard you just look for the big BARK BARK and you should be fine.
I am getting really excited about SB^3 my house is coming along nicely. My A and R did a ton of work on it this weekend. So I am thinking SB^3 might be the weekend after it is completed.

It is tough to tell though since my A is really not all that good at getting stuff done on time. He tends to put it off.

My weekend was pretty uneventful Joey was away so I just hung around the house a bunch. I did get a bone to in the back yard. My A always tries to watch me to see where I bury them but I am way too smart for him. He thinks I can’t see him when he is hiding behind the tree but I can. Anyway what I is do is I let him think I am burying it then I just move it later. He thinks I am burying them in the woods but really I have a couple of places. One of which is under his bed he never looks under there it is a good thing he is not a neat freak. Someday I hope to have enough bones to build my own cow.


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