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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My House

Man it has been raining hard lately. Last weekend my A and R started a secret project. They are calling it a shed but I know what it really is. They can’t fool me. They are building me a huge dog house which they are going to unveil at the SB^3.

I can’t wait to have my own house. There are a couple things I need to get them to change before they complete it. I would really like a few more windows and a fireplace would be nice. I need to get some electricity run out there are well as some cable TV. There is a nice 52” LCD HDTV I have been eyeing at Best Buy which includes free delivery. I am going to throw it on my A’s AMEX I just need to wait for the right month. Hopefully he will travel for work soon so I can slip that charge in without him noticing.

I wonder what color they are going to paint my house. I like blue but I think it would be even cooler if they painted it glow in the dark. Glow in the dark solves multiple problems. When I call the pizza guy I can just say it’s the glow in the dark house.
If I take a walk at night it will be easy to find my way back I will just look for the huge glowing house. Best of all I won’t need a anymore nightlight

Yes I am afraid of the dark. Look I’m not proud of it but we all have fears right. Some of us are afraid of spiders or snakes. Some people I know roll down their car windows before driving over bridges. Then you have those really insane people who believe if they don’t read the seat back safety cards on airplanes then the whole plane is going to crash , Weirdos!

Hopefully it will be nice this weekend so we can finish the “Shed”

P.S. Don’t tell my A and R I know about my new house.


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