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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I have been thinking a lot about Mr. Mailbox lately. You have all give me a ton of support and I want to say thanks for that. I have also gotten some great suggestions.

I don’t think biting Mr. Mailbox is a good idea. Sure it would work but I am smarter than that. Do you know that you can stop your mail via In fact you only need to know your address you don’t have to log in or anything you just tell them you want your mail stopped for a few days.

Hey Mr. Mailbox have you gotten any mail lately?

No I have not stopped his mail. I thought about it, I wanted to but then I decided you really don’t want to mess with the post office. Those guys are like super heroes. Nothing can stop a mailman they go out in Rain, Sleet, Snow and the Gloom of Night and that is just to drop of the mail. Imagine what those guys could do if we gave them a job that could really motivate them. How excited can they possibly get to drop a bunch of bills in my mailbox. Imagine if they were doing something really worthwhile or exciting? I don’t want to mess with Mailman.

Unless of course he comes into my yard then he is dead. I have to protect my property and I am sure my A does not want anymore bills. I am ok against one mailman but I don’t want a whole gaggle of them coming after me. Those guys are scary in packs.
Mr. Mailbox you day will come trust me your day will come.


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