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Friday, May 11, 2007

Vision Quest

The Vision5k is coming up! Now you may ask what the heck is the vision 5k. Well it has nothing to do with the movie Vision Quest that’s for sure. It is a great event where sighted and blind runners join together to raise money and support advocacy, literacy, and rehabilitation programs for the blind and visually impaired.

My R’s friend C is going to run it this year blindfolded to raise money for the Carroll Center for the blind . He even has a page where you can donate money if you want.

This is a really good cause. I can’t imagine being blind. I am afraid of the dark so I am pretty sure being blind would terrify me.

I was thinking of training with my A to run it next year. I would have my A be blindfolded and I would lead him that way I don’t have to worry about being afraid of the dark. I wonder if my A is afraid of the dark? Maybe I will get one of those seeing eye dog harnesses.

Have you ever noticed that service animals are allowed everywhere? They are allowed in restaurants, trains, planes etc. Not to take anything away from these wonderful animals who dedicate their lives to helping people but what the heck? How come I can’t say go into a McDonalds? What makes me any different from a service dog? Sure they have a little bit more training in certain areas but I am every bit as smart. Is it because I don’t have a job? From what I can tell I am being discriminated against because either my education level is not high enough or I am not employed.

This is so not fair I don’t see unemployed people being barred from entering a McDonalds and obviously uneducated people are allowed in there although I think they call them managers. What is the deal I just want equality for all dogs.


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