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Monday, May 21, 2007


Arrghhhh I learned a lesson today. You can be nice to people and try to get along but some of them are just plain jerks. That’s right I am sorry but Mr. Mailbox guy you are a jerk. I am calling him Mr. Mailbox guy because he has this weird mailbox. It looks like a wave and has some sort of hi tech security system on it. Kind of makes you wonder what he is getting in the mail. I mean if someone steals my A’s Sports Illustrated that would stink but really we don’t get any important mail. If you really want my stupid weekly coupon flyer you are welcome to it.

Anyway I took a walk with my A today. We walked all the way to Sandie’s house off leash. Once we got to Sandie’s house my A put the leash on and we went to Clyde’s. Clyde was home so I played a little bit. I don’t come back at Clyde’s house so I was kept on my leash. Then we walked home. My A let me off the leash at Sandie’s and I was doing great walking about 6 feet in front coming back every time I was called it rocked. I am so good

Our neighborhood is made up of two sections an old and a new. We live in the old section as does Mr. Mailbox. His house used to be the last one in the development when they built the new houses they extended the road but not the side walk. There is no sidewalk in front of Mr. Mailbox’s house. This is the only unbroken link in the side walk in the whole neighborhood from my house all the way to the circle past Fenway’s.

As we were walking by Mr. Mailboxes house I was 4 feet in front of my A. Mr. Mailbox came out on his porch. He must work from home I guess cause he is always home I have no idea what he does for a living but maybe it has something to do with mail. Anyway Mr. Mailbox started talking to my A about how there is a leash law in our town and he was going to call the cops. After kidnapping Clyde’s toy I am a little leary of the cops but my A just stood there and listened politely. He then put me back on my leash and was about to continue walking when Mr. Mailbox decided to mention that according to town law dogs are not allowed on other people property either. I am pretty sure this incensed my A because he just said yes Sir and we started to walk away.

I am really confused by this my A and I have gone out of our way to talk to this guy. We wave when we see him and say hi. We have commented his house looks nice when he was painting it. We ever said the new mailbox was cool even though it looks really stupid. You know neighborly stuff. Well I think Mr. Mailboxes’ actions were just wrong. If he has a problem he could have politely said to my A that he prefer I wear I leash when I walk by his house. I would have complied and I am sure my A would have said no problem and put me on my leash. However this was not the way he decided to handle it. Instead he cites all the laws and is basically a jerk and threatens to call the cops.
I hope our police have better things to do than capture a GoldenDoodle out for a walk. Oh no the GoldenDoodle is walking again not the GoldenDoodle. “All units” “All Units” “Be advised there is a GoldenDoodle out taking a walk” “All Units please respond we have a 14-30 in progress”

The leash law is designed to keep dogs under control and I understand that. I certainly was not out of control and really was within one leash length of my A. So what is the issue?

Secondly the argurment that I can no be anywhere on his lawn is crap. The fact the everyone else has a side walk running through their front yard means there is an explicit right of way in his front yard. I am thinking of writing the town to get this cleared up. Kids walk by this house to go to school and should not have to walk in the street.
I know side walks are expensive but maybe we should just take a bulldozer and rip up 2 feet of grass so everyone knows where they can walk. I think this would clear up a lot of confusion. Plus it would certainly make me feel better.

Really we live in a neighborhood. We are supposed to be a community don’t pull out your rules on me pal. Rules are to maintain order not be followed to the letter. Have you seen some of the laws. You can’t walk a pig wearing a hat on Sundays in my town. Hatless pigs are ok though.

I will admit if I was peeing in his yard or running wild through it he has a legitimate grip but whether or not I am on a leash is irrelevant. Maybe I was on a leash and he just has bad eyesight. I was certainly within 10ft of my A. Maybe we were using my new monofilament leash. Suck it up be an adult don’t be a jerk.

Oh yeah Hey pal I noticed your grass is always green. Hmm we have a water ban every year and are not allowed to water yet somehow while everyone else’s grass is burned out yours is a lush green? Do you have a sprinkler system? Is someone sending you water through the mail?

Really you want to be knit picky on town rules and law lets go. I am sure you would not appreciate having your every action measured against the law. Here is an idea lets focus on living and not on being a jerks. I am sorry but your behavior today was that of a Jerk. I am not sure that I will give you an opportunity to redeem yourself.

I know every neighborhood has that one house you stay away from. I was hoping my neighborhood was different. Sadly it is not. Don’t expect me to say hi to you next time I walk by your house. I am also instructing my A to not acknowledge you.

In some ways I feel bad for you but really I have neither the time nor energy to waste on the likes of you. Please have a good life I will let you know how I make out with the sidewalk project.


At May 22, 2007 at 12:57:00 PM EST , Blogger BenSpark said...

Don't let jerks get you down.

At May 22, 2007 at 3:25:00 PM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should bite Mr Mailbox man next time you see him.

At June 8, 2007 at 2:09:00 PM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be a shame if somebody accidently spilled salt on his lawn


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