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Thursday, October 18, 2007

I got in trouble

Wow it has been a long week.

I managed to get myself in some pretty big trouble last Thursday. My A and R went over to Sparky’s house to help Sparky’s K with a letter to the board of selectmen about Mr. Mailbox. It was dark out and at about 7pm I need to go out so my A let me outside. Well as you know Sparky lives next to Joey so after I used the trees I went over to play with Joey.

After playing with Joey for a while Joey’s S invited me in and I went inside and hung out with Joey. Unfortunately I did not tell my A where I was going and when he came out to find me around 9pm I was not there. Apparently this worried my A because he started to drive around the neighborhood looking for me. Eventually, Joey’s S flagged my R down and let her know that I was in their house. Joey’s S had even tried to call my A a couple of times but he left his phone at home. What a dope.

I got a really long lecture on the importance of staying close or letting my A know where I am going. Apparently it is not safe for a black dog to run around by himself at night. It is also irresponsible to just go off to a friend’s house with out telling anyone. Those are the only parts of the lecture I can remember, my A can get a little long winded when he is lecturing me. I usually just sit there and count how many times I can wag my tail in a min then try and beat that record.

I guess next time I will know better. I feel bad but I still had a really good time at Joey’s

I don’t like when I get in trouble. Being in trouble stinks.


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