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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Response to Weather guy Pete


Thanks for the response, to answer your question I am thankfully not related to Snoop Dogg. The feeling among most dogs is that Snoop is not really someone we want carrying the title of Dog. That is why we make him spell it with two g’s. Personally my ancestry is mixed. I think I already mentioned that my mom is a Golden retriever and my Dad is a poodle. Probably the best way to think of me is as the Tiger Woods of the Dog world.

I really appreciate your insight into my experiments. Unfortunately I am not trying to grow mold. If I wanted to study mold I could just check out my A’s bathroom. It is pretty gross in there. Sometimes I wonder how he thinks he is getting clean in there. If your bathroom is filthy you can take a shower but you still have to walk through filth to get back out of the bathroom. It is like going to the groomer and coming home and rolling in the swamp.

Currently per your suggestion I am looking for a city sized area to attempt my experiments. I have recently written to Mayor Kilpatrick in Detroit to see if he would be interested in allowing me to use his city. I will let you know how that progresses. If I get approval from Detroit would you be interested in serving as a technical advisor for the experiment?

The suggestions on how to make snow were great. I was definitely going down the wrong path with the vaporizers. I think your compressed air system has far more merit and will produce a greater yield. Currently I have most of the part-list completed I just need to spend some quality time with my A’s American express card. Perhaps the next time my A and R have people over I will be able to place some orders. I don’t know about you but every time my people have company I end up having “Alone time”. I guess “Alone time” is productive but I tend to need it every time things get interesting at home.

I am looking forward to receiving the picture. Dogs really like to get mail. Sometimes we get too excited. (Just ask a Mailman)

I will keep you abreast of my progress.



Pete's email to me

You're no relation to Snoop Dogg are you??

Anyway "Stephen", a couple of rooms in a house is WAAAY too small. The
only thing you're making is a haven for mold. You need to get an area
the size of a city to accommodate a thunderstorm. While your experiment
made simple condensation, thunderstorms are composed of updrafts and
downdrafts that transport huge volumes of air that feed the cloud
moisture and create the static electricity for lightning.

On that same thread, vaporizors won't make anything but frozen
condensation, better known as frost. You need to get out an air
compressor, some handy pipe fittings and connect the garden hose to make
homegrown snow. The tools and procedure are all online. Just Google it.

Now that we have a "paws" in the busy weather pattern, I'll send your
picture out soon.

Thanks for the giggle.



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