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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Random thoughts

Man it has been a long week. My A’s company just took over a huge deal and my A has been working a lot and coming home all stressed out and frustrated. There are working with a lot of new technology and the systems that are being forced to use kind of stink. I have not seen him this stressed in a while.

I have been doing my best to help him out. Last night I spent a good half and hour licking his head for him, I know he likes that. He keeps pushing my head away and saying enough so he must really like it.

I am also making sure he gets some exercise. I bark and whine to make him let me outside, this forces him to get up off the couch. After I am outside for a few minutes I start to bark like crazy and he has to come and bring me back inside before I really annoy the neighbors. Last night I had to do this about 30 times. My A seems to get a little frustrated but it is for his own good. He needs the exercise, as we all know it reduces stress.

You may notice I am not in the picture above. Usually I only post pictures with me in them. I know you are all here just to look at me and I ok with that. I know I am cute.

The picture is of my A he finally relented and let me post a photo of him. So all of you who have always wondered what my A looks like there he is raking leaves. I love to rake leaves. I am really good at it. The only problem I have it waiting until my A gets the piles big enough before I run through them. I am not very patient. I know it is a flaw and I am working on it. Even when the piles are not huge I can still get a nice spray of leaves as I run through them. My A gets really excited when I get good spray out of the leaf pile so I know I am doing a good job. I really don’t understand the point of raking the leaves. It is definitely fun to run through them and spread them around but it seems like a lot of work for my A. I don’t really see where he is accomplishing anything with the raking


At December 6, 2007 at 1:36:00 PM EST , Blogger Andree said...

I agree with you, Stephen. Raking leaves is silly. People tell me if you don't rake them, then they kill the grass. I think that means that grass should not be there. So get rid of the grass and keep the leaves.


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