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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Man was I wrong

Man was I wrong. Apparently the tree my A put up inside was some sort of Holiday decoration and not there for my benefit. According to my A you put up a tree and decorate it then Santa Clause comes to put presents under it on Christmas Eve.

This does not really make a lot of sense to me. Is Santa some kind of giant moth who is drawn to bright, colorfully lighted trees? Why does the tree need to be inside? My A says it is so Santa can come down the chimney but this just confuses me more. Now I have a guy who wants to come down my chimney to leave presents under a decorated tree in my living room. What!!! How am I going to sleep with a guy coming down the chimney. How does he get on my roof? Oh wait my A told me he rides a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer. Of course flying reindeer, that makes perfect sense. I hope they don’t mess up the shingles. What if we have a fire? Does Santa have an asbestos suit?

This is some crazy Holiday. I love presents and I have been good all year so I should get a ton but this makes no sense. I asked my A to explain it, more to draw attention away from the puddle of pee he was focusing on than anything else, but he was not very helpful. He told me Christmas used to be about a lot more and still is for many people but our culture has turned it into this weird materialistic holiday. Christmas is a time for giving back and trying to help others. Really we should be doing this all year but, that is just me talking. You just tend to see more people being nice around Christmas I guess some people have poor memories and need to be reminded.

I don’t really want to go about what Christmas means to me. My A lectured me pretty good on that and while I am sure he is right. I was just happy he moved on from continually pointing out the pee under the tree. Really we all make mistakes and how was I to know that tree was not for me to use. How was I expected to know it was some kind of a ploy to attract Santa and his flying reindeer. Ask yourself which is explanation is more plausible.

People are weird. I hope Santa brings me a ton of loot this year.


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