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Friday, January 4, 2008


I am home alone today. Actually I am home alone most days during the week. Truthfully I kind of enjoy it. I get the freedom to do whatever I want as long as I stay in the house.

Actually I am locked in and could not get out if I wanted to. I don’t really think that is fair. What if I need to run out and get some milk or something. Usually I end up taking a nice long nap and then working on my projects.

Today I am working on my weather research. It is a good day for it because it is supped cold outside and my A has meetings all day so he will not come home and disturb me.

I am trying to create an indoor thunderstorm. As you know thunder is caused when a wall of warm moist air collided with a Cold front. Right now I have the doot to my A’s room shut with the heat turned up to 90 and the Shower in the master bath running with just hot water. It is getting pretty steamy.

In the rest of the house I have all the doors and windows open and the heat turned off. It is pretty cold in here about 22 degrees. I figure if I open the door the hot and cold air will collide in the hallway and create a nice little indoor thunderstorm. I can’t wait to see it work this is going to be awesome.

Don’t worry I already cleared out under the couch so I will have a safe place to hide when the thunder comes.


At January 6, 2008 at 10:59:00 AM EST , Blogger Andree said...

Now that, truly, is science. I am envious of you creating this experiment. Now tell us if it worked!


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