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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Unfortunately there is not really all that much for me to get excited about. I was pretty fired up about it last year until I found out there was no giant turkey giving out presents. I really think all holidays needs some type of giant cartoon like character and presents.

Thanksgiving is not really a holiday for dogs. We really should not eat turkey it is not good for us and can cause digestive problems. Turkey bones are really bad for us to since they can splinter in our mouths and cause huge issues. Thus a giant turkey dinner does not really get me fired up.

Then there is the whole sit down dinner thing. That screams “Alone time” to me. I hope there is at least some good recycling to read. Maybe I will make a robot out of cans. I wonder if I can send my can robot in to raid the fridge. All fear can robot!

We are all going over to my A’s parent’s house. There are going to be a ton of people there. While normally I like having lot of people around since that give me more chances to get attention. However I know there have already been phone calls asking if I am coming. Unfortunately I don’t think they all really want me to be there. Come on I am not calling up to see if Z is coming. There have also been calls to figure out where the dog is going to be. “Will the dog be in the house? Will the dog be kept outside?” I appreciate all this concern but unfortunately I don’t think they are worried about my well being. They should just come out with it and say “How do I keep the dog away from my precious children?”

For your information I have yet to eat a child. In fact eating a child is really stupid, if I were going to eat a person I would want something a little bigger. Perhaps Kevin-Rules321 who be a good candidate, I bet all that sitting on his butt has made him very tender.

I am going to try to make the best of my Thanksgiving but I don’t have high hopes. My A keeps telling me to set my expectations low. If you expect nothing you can never be disappointed.


At November 22, 2007 at 11:13:00 AM EST , Blogger Andree said...

I don't understand their concern, either, Stephen. I think the life we live in the US is far too removed from reality. After all, they don't have their daughter's two crazed beagles, and that is a real problem. Even Danny Crockett would have problems with those two. I know the cats have problems with them.

I'm glad you told me that turkey is bad for dogs (I knew the bones were). I had no idea, so I won't sneak any to the crazed beagles. But do you have any ideas about what to give them to slow them down? I don't like to use barbiturates. Giving them all my attention doesn't seem to work, because when I leave to do something else, they are more crazed than before.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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