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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BBC Boycott

Dear BBC,

Generally I prefer to write positive letters but today I must bring to light an incident that occurred on my most recent trip to your Barktington location. I have long been a fan of the BBC and generally eat there about once a week. Anyway on Jan 25th at about 12:30 I sat down at the bar for lunch.

A few min passed and the bartender came over and asked what I wanted to drink. I ordered an Ithaca Apricot Wheat beer and some fish and chips. I love your fish and chips it is too bad you have cut back and started to use a lower quality fish. As I was sitting there drinking my beer, feeling all British and waiting for my fish and chips I noticed the bat tender goofing off with one of his friends at the bar. The next thing I noticed they were playing with a lighter, to me this was no big deal I had my beer and was feeling very British waiting for my fish and chips. Unfortunately they managed to catch a napkin on fire and in the process of trying to put it out an ash feel on my leather attaché case creating a small burn hole.

I talked to the bar tended and he apologized but was unwilling to pay for my case. I paid $500 for this case when I bought it and it has served me well through the years. I don’t remember the bar tenders name but something needs to be done about this. I am sorry but this is unacceptable.

OK I lied I never actually been to you restaurant. In fact I am a dog and you won’t allow me in. I am not even going to discuss how unfair that is right now. My reason from writing is that my A, that is the guy that feeds, me used to go there and would rave about how cool this one Bar tended Zach was. I always got a nice bag of leftovers when my A came home. One time I even got to sit in the car while my A went into eat. The car is kid of fun I get to turn up the radio and jam to the tunes when I am left alone in there. Come to think of it I get left alone a lot.

Recently I learned that Zach was fired over and email from a customer. I realize sometimes you have to let people go but come on over an email. How can you fire someone over an email especially someone who has worked in multiple locations and has been on staff for 5 years with no complaints? I don’t get it.

This seems very unfair and because of this I am instituting a boycott of the BBC. Yup that is right I am boycotting all BBC locations. I know what you are thinking. “Why do I care if a dog boycotts us?” Well let me tell you I am a very accomplished dog. I am a certified canine good citizen, I run the #1 dog blog (I call it an ODD) on the internet and I received 714 votes in an election in Baxter Iowa and those are just my most recent accomplishments. I would be happy to forward you my press kit if you are interested

I am going to tell all my Blog readers to also Boycott your restaurant. Feel free to take me lightly but when your 1st quarter earnings are down you will know why. Trust me I have a far reaching media presence. I have even been hired by companies such as Cisco and Microsoft to help advertise for them so this is no joke.

Anyway I would be willing to lift the boycott on the condition that you write an apology letter to Zach. I doubt he would be willing to take his job back that guy is a man of principle.

I hate to say it but it seems the BBC is more about the money than anything else. Why else would you fire good employees, cut back on food quality and remove the awesome lobster bisque from your menu. Even without the boycott it is getting harder and harder to find reasons to come to the BBC.

As an FYI the British are not exactly know for their great food so you are kind of starting in a hole why have you decided to digger a deeper on with this Zach firing episode.

Obviously you can’t believe every email you get. I believe the proof is in the fact that you just read and email from a dog. I wish you luck in the future based on you recent decision making it is obvious you are going to need it.

Please tell me there is a plan to turn things around over there.



At February 3, 2009 at 4:29:00 PM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zach was fired? Over an e-mail? What the hell. This is ridonkulouS! How can someone be fired for some sort of e-mail complaint and having never had any problems in the past? That sucks.

At February 5, 2009 at 6:54:00 PM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must be didn't even request an autographed picture.


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