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Thursday, December 14, 2006

11 Days!!!

Yikes!!! There are only 11 days to Christmas as you all know I have had several setbacks. I think I am definitely on the coal track this year. I know Santa is a nice guy but man I need to do something quick to get into his good graces. I need a magnanimous event.
What I really need right now is for Timmy to fall down a well so I can go get help. I looked all around on my walk today and darn my luck no wells in sight. So it does not look like that is going to happen. Then I though maybe I could pull a baby from a burning building that is big points. I called the fire chief and he told me that they already had a firehouse dog so it looks like I am out of luck there.
I did try to rescue a cat from a tree today but it just climbed up higher so I think I actually made it worse. I hope that does not count against me but I am sure it will. Christmas is so hard. I need to figure something out. I just don’t know what. Maybe I should get a police scanner.
Where is baby Jessica when you need her?


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