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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Today is Daycare day. Man I love daycare day. I get to run around with all my friends like Scoober and Fenway. Sometime I pretend I am MAC. Mac is a Portuguese water dog who looks just like me only shorter. I walk around and talk in Portuguese. Hola me llamo MAC, donde esta la bibliotecha? It cracks everyone up.

Usually I know it is daycare day because my A gets up early and puts out the trash. When the trash goes out I know I am going to daycare so I will sit in front of the truck while my A puts the trash out.
It is now like 2pm my A left for work and my R is still home with me and I am still not at daycare. The trash is out through. What is the deal with these people don’t they know I am supposed to be at daycare. I have big plans for today. I have to finish my Valentines Day project for my R and Scoober and I were going to build a fort. It is going to be so cool with the snow. Hopefully they will let us outside when it rains they usually keep us inside but last time it snowed they let us outside. I love snow

I am going to catch a ton of snowflakes on my tongue. I am way better at catching snowflakes than my A. My A and I had a contest this morning and I beat him easily. What was he thinking I can drink a bowl of water with just my tongue he has to use a glass. How did he even expect to compete. He did manage to take a nice fall on the drive way trying to grab a snowflake. It was so funny to see him covered with snow he says he caught the flake but I think don’t think he did. I am pretty sure he was just trying to come up with an excuse for falling.
Hopefully they will take me to daycare soon. If any of you happen to see this please call my A and tell him to get me to Daycare. He is usually so good but I think he might have forgotten today. I wonder if he hit his head when he fell trying to catch that flake.


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