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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Stone Hawk

We all know that drugs are bad and that we should never try drugs. Unfortunately some people do try then and end up getting hooked and can not get clean by themselves.

Fortunately there are some great places out there that try to help. My R is a big fan of that show intervention on A&E. Personally I don’t really like it but, I like to see the addicts try to get clean.

There is a really cool place in Michigan for
drug rehab. They have a really nice campus with a lake where you can go fishing. There is even a pool table where recovering addicts can play pool. Sure these things are all great but what is really important is that the staff cares.

I have never meet anyone at Stone Hawk and I really hope I never have to meet anyone from out there. Drugs are very scary and it is really sad what they are doing to society on a macro scale but even scarier what they do to families on the Micro Scale.

Hopefully you will never have to pick a rehab center. Stone Hawk seems like a good place. Obviously you would have too look at their success rates and really understand their program. If were ever going to Central Michigan I would consider going to Stone Hawk if it were not a rehabilitation center. It looks like a really fun place.

I allowing people to try and get better in a beautiful place is a good idea. Nature can be so awe inspiring, take a look at me I am living proof.

At Stone Hawk not only can you get clean but you can go fishing. Man I want to go swimming in that lake.

Hopefully you will never need to and fortunately I can not write from experience but Stone Hawk seems like a place to look into if god forbid you ever need to.

Don’t worry they offer financing. Really no matter what is cost getting you loved one clean is worth it.


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