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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

On the Lamb

Today I am in big trouble again. I went for a walk with my A yesterday. He was nice enough to come home and take me out for a walk. He even let me walk off leash and it was super cool. Oh the freedom!!

We got down to Fenway’s house and I got to play with Fenway for a while. Clyde was home too so it was an awesome day. I played with Fenway for a while then I went over to Clyde’s and played with him.

Then the problems started. My A asked me to come back and I refused I just kept running around having a good time. My A asked again and I decided to keep doing what I was doing. I found this really cool lamb toy in Clyde’s yard and was playing with it and did not want to stop. I decided I would rather play with it than listen to my A. Then I had this really great idea I would just take the toy and go home. So I took the toy and just walked home with it leaving my A at Clyde’s house.

A seemed really mad at me when I was leaving. I don’t know why I knew where I was going and sure I never let him get close than 50yrds to me the whole way home no matter how fast he ran, I am really fast, but I don’t see why he was mad at me. I went strait home I did not even walk in the street so I am not sure what his problem was. Maybe he was just hot and forgot to put on sunscreen. Being covered in black fur means I don’t have to worry about sunscreen.

Once I got home I played with Clyde’s toy for a little bit. My A got home about 5 min later and was really not happy. I got sent inside but fortunately I hid Clyde’s toy. Last night my A was going to make me bring Clyde’s toy back but I buried it so he could not find it. We ended up just taking a walk but I was on my leash the whole time. Later my A explained to me that by just taking Clyde’s without asking toy I was stealing and is doing so I had become a thief.

I am pretty freaked out now I don’t want to be a thief and I sure as heck don’t want to go to jail. I barely slept last night every time a car went by I was sure it was the cops coming to get me. This morning I dug up the toy and gave it to my A. We walked by Clyde’s house but he was not home. I wanted to just throw it in the yard and forget about the whole thing but my A says I have to apologize to Clyde.

I don’t really know why I have to apologize. Clyde has a ton of toys. I guess if it will make my A happy I will apologize. I just want to get this thing out of my yard before the cops show up. Do you think I go to jail or just Juvie I am only two? I don’t really want to go to either. Man I better get this thing back to Clyde soon.

Why do I mess up I have not even admitted the seat belt incident to my A yet and now he thinks I am a thief. I really need to start being good or Uncle Sam is going to bring me rocks for the 4th.


At May 8, 2007 at 5:06:00 PM EST , Blogger Wheeler Images said...

Perhaps you should tell A that it wasn't your fault. There are probably lots of reasons you can think of to explain why you behaved the way you did. Maybe because you saw other dogs doing it? Maybe you thought your A was a stalker? I'm sure there's some way you can justify your behavior.

At May 9, 2007 at 10:35:00 PM EST , Blogger BenSpark said...

Stephen, come clean, be honest and tell your friend you wanted his toy. Then apologize, he will understand.

At May 19, 2007 at 6:11:00 PM EST , Blogger Cynthia Blue said...

Around our house we have a saying... toys is toys. Which basically means, everything is a toy, and it's all fair game. :)


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