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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chicago Tours

As you already know I don’t get to travel much. It has a lot to do with the airlines requiring me to travel in a cage in the baggage compartment. How humiliating is that? Even worse they make me bring my own cage. Come on you give seats to people so why not dogs?

Anyway I have always wanted to visit Chicago, the windy city, home of the Cubs, and Wrigley field. I would love to leave my mark on the Wrigley field Ivy. Yeah sometimes we dogs have silly dreams. Every time I see a cubs game I had the hugest desire to pee on the right field wall.

I am going to want to make the most of my trip to Chicago so I am thinking if I ever get out there I will need to take one of the
Chicago Tours

I am really interested in the nighttime Segway tour. I am black so at night you can hardly see me. It would be so cool to ride a Segway at night. Probably no one would even notice I am a dog because they could not see me. I wonder if what would be more disturbing a driverless Segway or a Dog riding a Segway. Chicago is a pretty open minded city so I am sure it would be fine.

These tours sound really cool, they help you see all the best attractions as well as informing you about the history. Some place have neat plaques you can read but I would rather someone tell me the story. My A said the water tower is pretty cool but there are a lot of plaques to read there.

I wonder if you can drive a Segway with out opposable thumbs. Hopefully you can because I really want to take this tour. It sounds awesome. I would also be really cool to take a lake cruise and see Chicago from the water.

I hope I can get to Chicago soon. The only thing I really know about the city is what I learned from the musical and I don’t that that is too realistic. I am sure the tour will give me a better feel for the city.


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