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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mia Bella Roba

Mia Bella Roba

Mia Bella Roba

Mia Bella Roba

Mia Bella Roba

No that it is stuck in your head

The other day I got an email from my Pal Chris. He was talking all about Valentines Day and how I needed to start shopping and what not. Well I don’t believe in Valentines Day. It is a silly holiday. Really it’s roots are the Catholic Church’s response to Lupercalia.
Why do they insist in creating Holidays to coincide with Pagan holidays? I really don’t care either way. It seems to me that well before the cold war and the arms race between the US and Soviet Union there was a holiday race in organized religion. Obviously religion is a very touch subject and I don’t mean to offend anyone. Personally of all the holidays in America Valentines day is the stupidest.

I can find a grown man dressed up like a rabbit that lays chocolate eggs funny but come on a fat guy in red tights who shoots arrows are our hearts that is stupid. Someone could lose and eye. All the good holidays have entities that bring you stuff. Santa, the Easter Bunny, even on the forth of July we get to watch fireworks. What do we get for Valentines day oh yeah we are expect to buy cards and gifts. What is the deal with that? If I liked feeling obligated to give away things I would love paying my taxes. However I don’t and yes the government can even tax a dog. I would write the IRS a letter but those guys would just audit me. I have been writing off a lot of stuff against my nut silo consulting consortium (NSCC) and I really don’t want those guys digging around in there.

Anyway Chris makes and sells jewelry. You can check out his site He has some pretty nice stuff out there. No really he does you can trust me. This is not one of those lame pay per post adds where I talk about how great Goth dating is or about which subprime mortgage will allow you to achieve financial ruin in 3 years. Nope I really looked at this stuff and it is good. I might even get my R something. Of course I will wait till after Valentines Day. Do you realize Saint Valentine is not even really a saint they think he is an amalgam of 3 or 4 different saints. I guess those guys over at Hallmark will do whatever it takes to sell cards. So check out Chris’s site If you end up placing an order tell him I sent you and you will get 10% off.

I probably should have check with Chris about that 10% off thing. Oh well what’s he gonna do? I am not scared of a guy who makes jewelry granted nice Jewelry but still. Bring it on Chris!!!


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