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Friday, July 18, 2008

Yikes!!! Joey's R is a HeadHunter

Yesterday I was playing with Joey. He just got back from vacation. Well actually he just got back from the kennel and his family got back from vacation. His family picked him up so it looked like he was coming back from vacation with them.

Apparently his family went hiking and to amusement parks and all kinds of fun things for their week of vacation. Joey did tell me that he had a lot of fun taking naps at the kennel and even got to meet some new friends. I have never been to a kennel but they kind of scare me. When my A and R go on vacation I either go to N and G’s or I get to go along. In May I got to ride in the car all the way to North Carolina it was an awesome time. I made sure I drank lots of water so I could pee on all kinds of stuff and mark my territory. I now have claimed property in over 7 states. Most of my properties are gas stations and rest areas but I do own some sweet beach property as well.

I guess a kennel would be ok but I would rather just hang out with my A and R.

I did ask Joey what his R and S do that allows them to take these great vacations. Joey’s S is a teacher so she gets the summer off and his R , not to be confused with his r, is a headhunter. I assume head hunters kind of make their own schedule. I am sure they get busy when head season is open but I bet it is pretty flexible. I wonder if they wear those fluorescent orange vests. Is there a limit on how many heads you can take in a day? Where do you sell your heads after you have hunter them?

I am going to have to be a little more careful around Joey’s R. I don’t want my head hunted. I am pretty sure our whole town is a no hunting zone so I think I am pretty safe. I don’t think Joey’s R does any poaching. I am still going to be more careful though I don’t want my head to end up on a wall.


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