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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Resume is on Monster

As you all know I am in the process of looking for a job. I have come to realize that just being cute will not pay the bills. After contacting Joey’s R about finding a job I realized that god helps those who help themselves.

I just watched “Facing the Giants” with my A and R so I am a little fired up about god lately. If you have not seen the movie you should definitely check it out. I will have to say it is the best movie put out by a Southern Baptist church that I have ever seen. I though the best part was when the scrawny little kid kicked the field goal to beat the Giants. I you won’t even believe the name of this kid. It was David the symbolism it just awesome a tiny kid named David flinging a football to defeat the Giants how awesome is that.

So in an effort to help myself I have posted the following resume on Hopefully I will find a job soon.

Stephen TheDog
7 Bark Lane, Barkington DE, 17753

Background Summary
Dynamic Dog with extensive experience in a wide variety of fields.
· Letter Writing
· Internet commentary
· Archeology
· Entrepenureal idea development
· Marketing consulting
· Digging
· Sled Pulling

StephentheDog Industires LLC
since 2005

President, Barkington DE
· Incorporated in Delaware SDI focuses on developing industrial solutions for a changing world. We have successfully developed and patented Nut Silo as well as several other world class ideas which are in various stages of the patent process

Since 2007

Marketing consultant,
· Contributed originally marketing ideas and press releases for multiple products.
· Highest Grossing dog ODDer since July 07.
· Responsible for the exponential growth of internet Goth dating.
Since April 2007

· Responsible for site design and content. Stephenthedog,com is the number on Dog run website on the internet.
· Lead historical research resulting in new theory on why Americans drive on the right.


Puppy Kindergarten- Especially for Pets
Finished 1st in class
Graduate Puppy- Especially for Pets
Finished 1st in class
Beginner Agility- Master Peace
Intermediate Obedience- Master Peace
Certified Canine Good Citizen
Certified Canine Swimmer -HTDDC

· Currently working on assembling my own museum quality Cow Skeleton.
· Chewing stuff
· Real Estate Speculation
· Walking
· Welcoming joggers passing the house

· Multilingual (Barking and written Englsih).


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