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Monday, August 18, 2008

Vicroty Hair

I am a dog so I hear a lot of stupid things. People don’t tend to think we dogs are paying attention but we are. We listen to you people and often it is all we can do not to laugh at you people. The other day I was walking around and heard this guy try to pick up a girl with the following line “I like Tomato soup”. That just makes no sense. Come on Tomato soup? A much better line would be look at the cute dog over there I bet he would let us pet him. Even better would be “I have a dog biscuit would you like to give it to the cute dog over there”

The tomato soup line will definitely keep you from achieving Victory Hair. You know when you hair is so good you can’t help but engaging people.

VO5 is having some Ultimate Flirting Championship ultimate flirting championship thing. If you think you have victory hair you should check it out.

I love
Extreme Style by VO5 it rocks. I use VO5 on my hair all the time and it make me look so good. You have to admit I do look good

Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5


At August 18, 2008 at 11:54:00 AM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad subject lines aren't involved in the spell check.

You can no longer make fun of my sponsored posts. You use VO5? Really? It is all about the money man, you've changed Stephen, you've changed. :-)


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