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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fry Sauce protest retraction

Dear Mr. Drew,

I wish to apologize for my comments on your recent Fry Sauce contest. I wrongly assumed that I had been discriminated against. As you well know I am a dog and on top of that I am black. I have come to realize that as much as I want it to the world will never treat me fairly.

I can not get a job at McDonalds even though I am qualified. I have had instances where I have been pretty much given a job and when they realize I am a dog they will no longer even respond to me. That is right Mr. Noland I know you are anti-dog. It is a sad sad thing because I would have been a great financial services rep.

Unfortunately there is no NAACP equivalent for dogs. In fact there are no laws to prevent discrimination against dogs. It is a very unfortunate situation as it tends to make me overly sensitive when I feel I am being discriminated against. In the case of your contest I realize I violated the rules by specifying catsup instead of Ketchup. This was an oversight on my part but it does violate the rules of your contest and I can understand you disqualifying my entry. I certainly do not want to impugn the integrity of you contest so I will be forgoing my plans to file a protest.

I am truly sorry for my accusation, please realize my reaction had nothing to do with you. When you realize that society is structured in such a way as to prevent you from succeeding you tend make quick judgements. Do you realize I am not even allowed in 90% of the buildings in America! I am denied from entering some wildlife refuges because I might scare the animals. I don’t know about you but I know of a bunch of humans who are way more scary than me.

Perhaps together we can work for change. I will willing to extend and olive branch. The branch is slightly chewed. Since I was in the wrong here I am even willing to go the extra mile if you want to throw the olive branch I will be willing to fetch it.

Well good luck with you contest and I look forward to entering you next one.

Yours Truly

Stephen TheDog


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