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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sorry Papa but I quit

Stephen The Dog
7 Woofer LN
Barkington DE 10543

Aug 25.2009

Papa Gino's, Inc.

Dear Papa;

My name is Stephen I am a 4 year old Golden retriever poodle cross. That is right I am a dog. I usually like to get that out of the way right off the bat. I am sure you are wondering why I am writing since you don’t even allow dogs in your stores. I know it is a health code thing and there is not much you can do about it so I am not going to fault you for that.

I would like to start of by saying that you make a fine pizza pie. My A thinks your pizza is the best and I will have to admit it is very good, every once and a while I get slipped a piece and it is awesome, I always want more. I really love your blend of cheeses. I think that is what make’s Papa Gino’s pizza special you don’t get that special blend of cheese anywhere else.

Unfortunately I have some sad news. It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you my A and I will no longer be Papa Gino’s customers. Now this has absolutely nothing to do with your pizza but unfortunately have everything to do with the service in your stores.

You see I am a dog and in case you have not had a chance to notice, I am sure you are very busy being a pizza magnate, it is hot outside. Do you know why they call them the dog days of August? Well it is because it gets so hot that if you leave a dog in a car for too long even with the windows opened the heat can fry the dog’s brain. We can't sweat you know. Let me tell you, when you are a dog you want to avoid getting you brain fried at all costs.

Recently I had some issues with mice, that is right mice tried to kill me by blocking up the air conditioning vents on my A’s truck. I think I may have forgotten to tell you that my A is the guy who feeds me and takes care or me, he also owns the truck I ride around in. Anyway I am sure you had nothing to do with the mouse plot.

The reason I am quitting Papa Gino’s is due to an incident on Aug 2. My A ordered a pizza online, (FYI online ordering is super cool) and we were told we could pick it up in 25mins. Well since we know Papa Gino’s is always slow we waited 40min and got in the truck. When we arrived at Papa Gino’s and my A went in to get the pizza and I waited in the truck, as you know health codes prevent me from going into your stores.

About 5 min after he went in my A comes out without the pizza starts the truck, turns on the AC and locks me in. It appears the pizza was not ready even though we allowed 40min which is longer than 25min last time I checked. To add insult to injury my A was asked to pay for the order after it had already been paid online. This was quickly resolved but what would have happened if my R had ordered the pizza and not told my A she already paid for it? The woman who asked my A to pay for the pizza 15 min later if he was all set. “Umm no I am not all set I am still waiting for the same large cheese pizza I asked for 15 min ago don’t you remember me I am the guy you tried to double charge for a pizza?”

Really come on she can’t even remember that he is waiting on a pizza. It is not like my A blends into the crowd. He is quite distinctive. Well 25 mins later the pizza was done and some girl came by and threw it on the counter and walked away. My A waited and calmly asked if he could get the salad he has also ordered which had been sitting on the counter for probably and hour at this point.

Papa I know you are a busy man but I am a busy dog and sitting in a hot car is not something I enjoy doing. Aside from the potential brain frying it is also just plain boring. I believe my A handled the situation with grace and patience. However it should not take an hour to make a cheese pizza and I certainly should not have to sit in a hot care for 30min while the pizza we were told would be ready 10 mins ago is made.

This is just the most recent example. I realize I am a little on edge ever since the mice tried to bump me off but I just can not handle this anymore. It is a sad day but I am going to have to move on. If it makes you feel any better it’s not you it’s me. I wish you continued success in the pizza business and assure you that there are no hard feelings. While I will miss your delicious pizza pies my A and I simply can no longer jump through the hoops required to obtain them.


P.S. would it be possible to get an autographed photo to help me remember the good times.


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