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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Coupon we all know about coupons. They are the things your Mom clipped out of magazines and used to save money on groceries. I blame coupons for having to eat lima bean kibble. Sure Mom got $.40 off but really it is pretty gross.

Anyway with the way technology is changing the world coupons have had to keep up. You can’t really hand a piece of paper to an online merchants so coupons have gone digital. There are a ton of really cool digital coupons out there. We use them all the time at

There are several sites out there that provide
coupons codes. While I almost never remember to check for coupon codes until it is too late these sites are actually pretty good. You get to save some money on something you were going to buy anyway and all you have to do is take a few minutes to look up a code and type it in. You are going to have to pull out your AMEX card anyway so why not take a few more seconds and see if there is a coupon code out there.

Oh yeah please don’t tell my A I have an AMEX it is actually attached to his account but I don’t think he would be happy knowing I had the card.

Check out some of these There are some good ones. Like free shipping at Blue Nile
Blue Nile or 10% off HDTVs at best buy. It does not hurt to look so I say check out the coupons. Saving money is fun and remember 50% off is practically free


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