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Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm Black

Today I was wondering around the internet and discovered this site of Black Personals called Blackscene. I though to myself hey I am black this might be something I should check out. Unfortunately for me the site is a dating site for black people not dogs. However it is a pretty cool site. You can create a profile and send members emails. There is even a chat room where you can talk to other people on the site.

I was tempted to create a profile but I was too busy today. I did browse through some of the pictures and the one where the guy had a stack of dollar bills in his mouth made me laugh. I wonder what audience that guy is shooting for? Most of the people seemed nice though I think there are a few in there I would let take me for a walk.

This is sort of a niche site but is seems tastefully done and has some good features. It is way better than that who wants to date a millionaire site Drew was plugging a while back. I am thinking of contacting the people from Blackscene and asking if there are any plans for a site for black dogs. Now that would be really cool.

Check out the site see what you think. Remember to always be careful there are some really nice people out there and then there are some not so nice people. Blackscene requires you to fill in a bunch of information when you create your profile show that should weed out some of the weirdos. You can also report abuse to the site admin. I give this site a Stephen rating of 6.


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