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Friday, April 13, 2007


Woo Hoo it’s Friday. I am pretty excited. That means I get to play with my A and R all weekend. Week days are kind of boring because I am stuck at home and there is not really all that much on TV.

I have figured out how to turn the TV on but my A has put some kind of parental lock on the PPV channels. I tried calling the cable company but they told me that they could not help me if I kept barking. I am not sure what they want me to do I can’t actually talk I can only bark and type. Don’t they realize I am a dog. Currently I am writing them a letter.

Speaking of Letters United Airlines got back to me today. Yeah it only took like a month. Way to go United!! You are a multibillion dollar company. Really if you can’t respond within a week what is the point in responding? I feel the letter deserves its own post so I will get something up on it tomorrow.

My Birthday was pretty sweet, I got a nice rawhide bone and a Iditarod racing harness. Yup the same one designed by 3 time Iditarod champion Jeff King. I don’t know exactly what I am going to do with this thing. I have a feeling my A has some crazy idea that I am going to pull him around the neighborhood on his skateboard with it. That is not going to happen if my R won’t pull him with the truck there is no way I am pulling him.
I do look really cool in the harness though and it is reflective so I can use it when I walk at night. Being black I am extra conscious of what I wear at night.

There are some pretty crazy drivers out there and I want to make sure they can see me.


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