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Thursday, October 25, 2007


The other night I was sitting outside like usual just minding my own business. All of a sudden a heard a noise and some people came walking into my yard. They were being all sneaky and weird. This kind of disturbed me but then they threw me a treat so I figured what do I care, I got food. I am easily bought. Don’t get me wrong, I was still ready to rip their throat out if I had to but they seemed harmless.

The people proceeded to place a package on my front steps and ring the doorbell. I figured they were going to visit with my A and R, but as soon as they rang the doorbell, they left the package on the steps and ran away.

I was a little worried there was a bomb in the package. I did not think it was a bomb but I am not trained to sniff out bombs so I could not be 100% sure. As the people were running away I was able to see their faces, I realized they were no threat and it was not a bomb. My A came to the door, looked around, and found the package.

It turns out this was some kind of neighborhood game. We had just been ghosted. The package was full of treats; most of them were for me. Man I love treats! I would like to say thanks to those people who ghosted me. Yes, I know, who you are remember I was outside. I would recommend maybe some duct tape over the LEDs on your sneakers next time.

My A has been trying to get me to tell him who Ghosted us, but I won’t do it. That is not fair. My A and I went out the next day and we ghosted two other people like we were supposed to.

I love this game you get to dress up all in black. Well, I am already black so that is convenient. My A just throws on this black sweat pants and his black Unabomber sweatshirt. Then once you get all dressed up you get to sneak around in other peoples’ yards. It is kind of weird to sneak around and go up to peoples’ houses and ring the doorbell and run away. I was so worried we were going to get caught but my A was able to hold the team together. I love holidays where you get to sneak around in the dark. Being black I am pretty much invisible in the dark. I love being invisible.

Well, Halloween is coming; I hope my A lets me go trick or treating. I am going to get so many treats. I hope all my neighbors are loading up on treats and in case you are wondering am partial to milk bones.


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