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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween and No A

Woo Hoo It is Halloween. I am so excited I love Halloween and love meeting people when the come to the door. Halloween is an awesome Dog Holiday (people drop lots of candy)

Unfortunately my A is stuck at work in a training class. He says he is learning stuff but the guys who is teaching it is really not that good. In all fairness he is pretty good at the lecture part but he is awful at the lab portion. When you teach in a lab environment you need to understand the topology and how to fix things. You should also show students what you are doing when you are trying to fix stuff. I know my A is very frustrated. I hope he can come home soon.

We are going reverse tricker or treating on Friday so that should make up some for missing some of Halloween. It still stinks but there is not much he can do about it. I do miss him though.

My A works really hard to make da money. Even with my pay per post job I can’t quite afford the mortgage yet. I am hoping there are some more opportunities to write about great goth dating sites out soon. That is the future of the internet. It is all going to be about Goth dating.


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