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Monday, November 5, 2007

Drew's Calendar

Do you know what day it is? If you answer to this is no then you need a calendar. Actually no you probably don’t, in today’s high paced electronic society you probably will not ever need a calendar. Calendars are totally outdated. There are tons of places you can store you appointments besides a calendar. My A’s Nintendo Wii can even store appointments. He has all the dates my heartworm pills loaded in there.

Woo Hoo heart worm. Sucks to have to take the pill but I imagine worms in my heart would stink a little worse. Anyway my pal Drew over at the Benspark you know the guy with the camera permanently attached to his arms. That guy would be so broke if not for having a digital camera. I bet he takes an average of one picture every five minutes. It must be nice to have all those memories captured by a camera. The only question I would have is how much of life do you miss while trying to capture it. Personally I find I miss a lot when I am trying to take pictures. Drew seems to manage though. He is like some kind of super internet blog media guy. SIBMG for short, I wonder if he has his own theme music.

Ok so now you are asking yourself why do I care? Well Drew has made a calendar. That’s is right you can get the best of all his pictures in calendar form. Imagine a guy who takes a picture every 5 mins, that is 105120 pictures a year, pulling out the best 12. If only .02% of those are good he still has more pictures than he needs to fill 12 months. Some of Drew’s pictures are really good.

So if you want a calendar check him out. He is even donating the money to a good cause. I might even buy one but I am definitely going to have to remove the cat picture. Who wants to spend the whole month staring at a cat? Not me that is for sure. I could probably use the calendar to track the number of photo a days that did not include a cat or eva. However I do have 4 paws and the way it he is going I doubt we will get much past 4.

Oh yes in case you are wondering Drew did bribe me to put up this post. However you if got to this point you have already read it. Ha who doesn’t understand marketing now. Seriously it is a pretty cool calendar. You should definitely


At November 10, 2007 at 5:01:00 PM EST , Blogger Andree said...

i got mine. it's beautiful; better than i expected (i don't know what i expected, but i did just want to help) and i'm thrilled with it. it is impatiently awaiting the new year under the old calendar.


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