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Thursday, November 8, 2007


You know what I hate. I hate it when I am out to dinner with friends and one of my fillings comes loose. We all know this happens and it will drive you nuts. You sit down at a nice restaurant order the meal you have been dreaming about for weeks.

You know the one the prime rib and lobster tail surf and turf with the creamy hollandaise sauce. The side of asapargus with shaved walnuts and the truffle mashed potatoes. Topping it all off with a nice crème brule. Man that sounds good however what about it you sit down order and as you are waiting for your food you suddenly lose a filling on the bread you are eating.

Don’t laugh I have had it happen. It is embarrassing you either have to ask the waitress to take you dinner back and run it through a blender or you can get the giant doggie bag. Either way you are not going to be the cool guy. Today there is a solution though.

Our prayers have been answered and that answer is
Dentemp OS. Dental temp OS can replace lost fillings and you can eat on it within 30 mins of setting. So no more expensive blender dinners.

This great
temporary dental repair. product is fully FDA approved and was created by a dentist so you know it is good. I am going to keep a thing of Dentemp in my pocket from now on


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