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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Answers to quesitons about Free T-shirt Contest

Several people have been asking me about the T-shirts I am giving away. I get questions like what does it look like? How do you know my size? Is it cotton or a poly blend? Well does it really matter it is a free t-shirt! I actually have a whole box of assorted T-shirts in various sizes and colors. I got a deal from one of my sponsors and now I have a plethora of T-shirts my R wants out of the house. They are all 100% cotton T-shirts and I assure you are not only stylish but are also very comfortable. They are also new and not used. I would not be giving away a used T-shirts what do you people take me for.

In the picture above I am wearing one of these splendid t-shirts. I picked maroon because it goes well with my eyes but I have yellow, blue, grey etc. Really if you win you are going to get a shirt which will provide you years of enjoyment. I am sure you will be happy with it plus it is free. What are you going to do ask for a refund? I would love to see that yeah ummm “ I got this shirt from a Dog on the internet for free and I don’t like it so now I would like a refund.” Take that one to the better business bureau. Yes I know it is no Mad Gringo Hawaiian shirt but as I have previously stated I don’t believe in his slogan “Go Slow” Trust me you want to win this contest.

Well now you know what the T-shirts look like. Really I don’t know why Drew needs to know what they look like. The rest of you I can understand but I have seen pictures of Drew in T-shirts I would never wear. It is not like I am going to give away a t-shirt with silly slogans like
“I am kind of a big deal”
“Dry T-shirt”
“I do my own stunts”

Oh yeah and Drew no one has spit up on any of the t-shirts I am giving away.

Drew you are starting a -5 points for questioning me. Everyone else gets +7 points for reading this post.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s entries. Be creative I don’t want one of those form silly contests about how much you love to use Brand X widgets. This is not about marketing it is about having fun and T-shirts.

Leader Board
You 7 points
Drew -5 points


At February 9, 2008 at 10:21:00 AM EST , Blogger BenSpark said...

Down 5 points. I see that it is going to be that sort of contest. Well then, it is ON!


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