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Friday, February 8, 2008

Wanna Win a T-shirt

I am going to run a contest. Everyone else is doing it so why not me. For this contest I will be giving away some sweet t-shirts. I don’t know how many prizes there will be and I don’t know what will win I just know I am going to have a contest.

I am calling it the Stephenthedog’s enigma contest or STDEC for short. Now I know is fired up to win. Why wouldn’t he be? When you live in your Mom’s basement the concept of winning a brand new , clean t-shirt is pretty sweet. That will get you out of doing laundry for another week right Jimmy?

Now as you know the point of most contests is to drive traffic to sites. This contest is not about that. Nope I don’t care read my stuff or don’t it does not bother me I am a dog I get the same amount of kibble if 1 person reads this or 100 people read it. So why you may ask am I running a contest. Well I have decided I hate all the dumb contests out there when you get you friends to vote for you every day. I never win those because I am not going to go ask my grandma to vote for me on every day. That is just dumb. Really I know you hate it when your little cousin comes over with that darn box of crap he is selling for school and you have to buy some stupid pocket fisherman or something. I don’t believe in it. The world is not about pyramid schemes sorry Am-way and Social Security but it is not. Winning or losing should be based on merit and not how many sheep you can herd into your flock. Unless of course you are a shepherd or a religious cult leader

For that reason and that reason only I give you STDEC as a gleaming ray of hope in the otherwise bleak darkness of the world.

Ok so what do you need to do to win? I know that is the question on everyone’s mind right now but I am not going to answer that just yet. Instead ask yourself this question what should I do to win? That is right how are you going to win, what separates you from the rest of humanity? Think about it. What makes you great?

Ok now that you have done that write your answer down on a piece of paper, crumple it into a ball. Now take your ball of paper and throw it in the freezer. This works better if you put it behind the frozen peas. Next time you are sad go to the freezer and open up the ball of paper.

Everyone still with me?

Ok here is what you need to do to win.

Take a deep breath and pretend you are a dog for the day. What would you do to make the world better? What bothers you? You have this one day to be a dog what are you going to do with it? Feel free to eat off the floor, crawl around, chase the mailman, chew things whatever gets you in the frame of mind. Feel free to include video, pictures and text in your posts. Send me a link to the post. My STDEC team will grade your entries and announce a winner. Entries must be in by March 1st and a winner will be declared on March 5th.


At February 8, 2008 at 10:07:00 PM EST , Blogger BenSpark said...

I must be dumb but I do not understand, and what does the t-shirt look like. Also will you write a letter for me asking why milk costs $4.79 in the Stop & Shop and $2.99 at Hess. Hood 1% in the Light Block Bottle 1 gallon.


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